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About The Legendary Blazing Saddle

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Bob “Mongo” Eikleberry opened the Saddle in October of 1983 in what is now considered Des Moines’ Historic East Village. At the time, it was a struggling, decayed part of downtown with few businesses and not much activity. He started by opening what is now known as the main bar.

In 2000, the Dance Bar was purchased and renovated. Many things throughout the years have been replaced, refurbished, and new things added. The motto and atmosphere still remain the same, "We accept everyone as long as they accept and respect us. We remain open 365 Days a Year (except for a Pandemic) and Always A Double, Never A Cover!" Now we sit as a cornerstone of the Historic East Village of Des Moines!


Mongo & The Blazing Saddle have helped support and create many of the organizations within the LGBTQ+ community, such as The All Iowa AIDS Benefit, The Imperial Court of Iowa, The Titans of the Midwest, Iowa Cornhaulers Leather & Levi Club, Capital City Pride, CAAP, and Mr. Iowa Leather, which led to Iowa Leather Weekend's creation. 

With our dedication to service, we continually strive to make sure our community is safe and healthy. We promote this in conjunction with our Partners from Polk County Health Department & The Project of Primary Health Care by offering Free HIV & STI Testing regularly, along with Monkey Pox vaccinations and COVID Vaccinations. We also promoted the Health & Safety of our Staff & Patrons by checking COVID-19 vaccinations during the pandemic.

We promote service to our Country by bringing representatives of political parties to educate and urge all people to Vote, whoever, they are voting for. 

Please come join us at the Legendary Blazing Saddle, we are open 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

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